GrowHealthy’s Commitment To You

At GrowHealthy our mission is to help our patients live happier healthier lives. We’re committed to our cause and to providing unparalleled products, service, expertise, and compassion to our valued patients.

  • GrowHealthy personnel (we) will treat all patients with the utmost respect.
  • We will do our absolute best to help you find the products you need to match your physician’s recommendations.
  • We value your time and will work to keep wait times to a minimum.
  • We’re committed to accommodating patients’ medical needs. If you need special accommodations, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

GrowHealthy Patient Requirements

In order to serve all patients in a timely, effective, and safe manner, GrowHealthy requires that all patients abide by the following guidelines. 

  • GrowHealthy has a zero-tolerance policy for any and all forms of discrimination and harassment. The following behaviors are prohibited and may result in a patient’s immediate ban from all GrowHealthy locations:
    • Physical assault or inflicting bodily harm
    • Profanity, harassment, offensive or intimidating statements or gestures and threats of violence
    • Racial or cultural slurs or other derogatory remarks associated with race, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic
  • Compliance with this Policy is pertinent to the safety and security of all GrowHealthy patients and personnel. Any violation of this Policy may result in the Patient being prohibited from entering or ordering from all GrowHealthy locations, as determined by GrowHealthy Corporate in its sole discretion
  • Comply with requests and directions from GrowHealthy staff.
  • Present a Registry ID card or printed OMMU email and/or valid government-issued ID before entering GrowHealthy’s dispensing area.
  • Refrain from administering or consuming Medical Marijuana or Low-THC Cannabis on the GrowHealthy premises.
  • Not have or use alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons on GrowHealthy premises.

Florida Patient Requirements

The State of Florida governs the use of Medical Marijuana and requires that patients follow the below guidelines.

  • Refrain from consuming Medical Marijuana or Low-THC Cannabis at a place of employment except when permitted by the employer.
  • Refrain from consuming Medical Marijuana or Low-THC Cannabis on the grounds of a preschool, primary, or secondary school unless permitted by such educational institution.
  • Medical Marijuana or Low-THC Cannabis may not be re-sold or distributed to anyone.
  • Medical Marijuana and/or Low-THC Cannabis may only be used, including the form and amount, in a manner that is consistent with your qualified physician’s directions or physician certification.
  • Observe the rules and regulations of the Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use.
  • Abide by the Physician’s order limits when purchasing Medical Marijuana and Low-THC Cannabis.
  • Keep Medical Marijuana and Low-THC Cannabis sealed in its packaging until arriving at a home or destination.
  • Refrain from consuming Medical Marijuana of any form of public transportation, school bus, vehicle, motorboat, or in any public place, except for Low-THC Cannabis.