GrowHealthy cultivates Florida’s finest medical cannabis products, setting the bar for the state’s strictest industry standards. We value purity over potency, safety over sales, and wellness over whatever’s trending. We grow exclusively in state-of-the-art nurseries and cultivate under a controlled environment for consistently pure, clean cannabis year-round. Our medicine is continually tested for quality and potency by state certified third-party labs, then sold at fair and honest prices.  

Patients can access a Certificate Of Analysis (COA) for all GrowHealthy products packaged after 9.14.2020 by clicking below and being redirected to the third-party laboratory’s website. To search for your GrowHealthy product for ACS Labs, simply enter the six digit Bar Code ID listed on the product packaging. 

If you are unable to find the COA you are looking for at ACS Labs, please search Kaycha Labs by clicking the link below.

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Kaycha Labs

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