Sungrown Flower™ by GrowHealthy

harnesses the power of nature. 

For thousands of years, cannabis has been cultivated outdoors, thriving in natural environments and taking on unique characteristics of local ecosystems. Sungrown Flower™ by GrowHealthy goes back to cannabis’s roots, harnessing the power of nature to create potent, flavorful plant medicine blooming with benefits.
Similar to vintage wine, each batch of Sungrown Flower™ offers patients a unique experience! Patients can expect Sungrown Flower™ to have an earthier and more unique aroma and flavor profile and a different structure and terpene profile than their indoor-grown counterparts.
These vintage batches evolve throughout the year and change in structure, aroma, and flavor depending on the season. Bubba Kush Sungrown Flower™, for example, that is grown during the winter expresses more pungent blueberry notes whereas Bubba Kush Sungrown Flower™ grown in spring and summer expresses more chocolate and kush notes. 

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