Strawpaya Sungrown™ Flower

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Hybrid: Balance / 3.5 grams

Our Strawpaya is almost identical to the Papaya mother.  Bred by the legendary “Bloom Seed Co” Strawpaya is a cross of Papaya and Strawberry Guava.  The Papaya is said to be an old Skunk #1 pheno from Amsterdam (this is the sweet skunk and not the rks skunk).  Papaya was brought here due to her being a phenomenal hash making strain.  Our Strawpaya has beautiful pink pistils all the way to harvest, a very welcoming sweet flavor with an up high.  A favorite of those that like the funky fruit flavored cannabis, and an unique treat when extracted to solventless items made by our MPX team.

Patients can expect Sungrown™ strains to have an earthier and more unique aroma and flavor profile and a different structure and terpene profile than their indoor-grown counterparts. Sungrown™ Flower by GrowHealthy goes back to cannabis’s roots, harnessing the power of nature to create potent, flavorful plant medicine blooming with benefits. 

Genetics: PPBX12 – Papaya x Strawberry Guava

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