Meet the Tampa Team!

Our much-anticipated 18th Florida dispensary is opening today, November 16th, and we are thrilled to be able to serve the Tampa community the safest, purest, highest quality cannabis products. Before we open our doors and meet you, we would like to introduce our GrowHealthy Tampa team!

This extraordinary group of people have been working hard to ensure GrowHealthy Tampa is ready to serve you.

Rebekah Price,

Dispensary Manager

Tampa’s dispensary manager Rebekah Price stands for GrowHealthy’s mission to help people live their best lives, naturally. “GrowHealthy has built a strong reputation in the competitive cannabis market,” said Rebekah. “We stand by our mission, always choosing quality over quantity, and I am thrilled to be a part of this company!”

Rebekah loves going on adventures and is currently working on traveling to all of Florida’s 161 state parks. Her favorite thing about Tampa is the breadth of activities—from the “Champa Bay” sports teams to the strolls through Riverwalk. You can find her watching Christmas movies in Curtis Hixon Park during the holidays or hanging out at her favorite beach, Honeymoon Island.

We are thrilled to have Rebekah on board to lead the GrowHealthy Tampa team! 

Augustine—Auggie—Benitez, Assistant Dispensary Manger

Tampa’s assistant dispensary manager Auggie has been working in the cannabis industry since 2017 but joined GrowHealthy in 2020 because he was looking for a company that appreciated their employees and provided a great work/life balance. “I found that and more with GrowHealthy,” said Auggie.

He is passionate about educating patients about strains, lineages, and terpenes. Not only does he feel that GrowHealthy provides the highest quality products, but he also strives to provide helpful knowledge so that patients can make the best choice about their medicine.

Auggie’s favorite thing about Tampa is the live music and great vibes, and you can find him catching a concert with friends. He is also a gamer of all sorts, from video games to board games and arcades.

Ross Gentry,

Dispensary Lead

Ross Gentry started as a GrowHealthy patient and was so impressed with GrowHealthy that he knew he had to become a part of our growing team. He loves helping people find the right medicine and introducing patients to new strains and modalities so they can broaden their cannabis experience.

You can find him golfing around Tampa or eating his way through Tampa’s incredible food scene. And if you are one for conspiracy theories, Ross knows all about Bob Lazar and can talk about him to anyone!

Alex Jacobs,

Dispensary Associate

Alex started her cannabis career in Colorado before moving to Tampa and joining the GrowHealthy team. She personally witnessed her boyfriend manage his cystic fibrosis with cannabis and strongly believes in the benefits of this medicine.

Her favorite thing to do in Tampa is kayak in the beautiful water. You can also find her gardening or hanging out with reptiles.

Shane McGreevy,

Dispensary Associate

Shane joined the GrowHealthy team so that he could help make a positive difference in his community. He is an advocate for the positive effect cannabis has on people’s mental and physical health.

He loves the theme parks and museums in Tampa, and if he isn’t traveling through Ireland, he is reading, writing, or listening to music.

Andre Richardson,

Dispensary Associate

Andre was eager to join the GrowHealthy team. “GrowHealthy is a very reputable company in the cannabis industry, so when I saw the opportunity to join, it was a no brainer,” Andre said. He appreciates GrowHealthy’s fine attention to detail and how their products provide varying medicinal benefits, allowing patients to tackle different needs through unique strains. He strongly believes there is something for everyone!

His favorite thing to do in Tampa is go out to eat with friends. He also loves producing music and exercising at the gym. He was even an All-American collegiate swimmer at the University of Tampa!

Alyssa Pacheco,

Dispensary Associate

Alyssa values GrowHealthy’s dedication to serving patients high quality medical cannabis and bringing more peace and relief in this world. “That is something I must be a part of,” Alyssa said.

She wants to educate patients about the science and psychology behind cannabis. She can’t wait to share her knowledge with patients to help them with their mental, physical, and spiritual struggles.

Her favorite things to do in Tampa are to walk along the river on a nice evening, ride scooters around the city, and grab a slice of pizza or something sweet. You can often find her hanging out at Armature Works, painting, practicing yoga, writing poetry, or being out in nature.

Ryan Weiss,

Dispensary Associate

Ryan said he was eager to join the GrowHealthy team because “of the true sense of compassion and knowledge that is exhibited through their staff.” Ryan has had a passion for medical cannabis for over 15 years as it has helped him survive living with Crohn’s disease.

Ryan has a degree in jazz performance and composition and is currently pursuing another degree in psychology. He wants to combine his love for cannabis, music, and psychology to help people live life to their fullest potential. Currently, Ryan creates events and hosts shows and fundraisers throughout the Tampa Bay area and is passionate about helping the community in any way he can and loves providing quality entertainment.

Armeen Iranipour,

Dispensary Associate

It was GrowHealthy’s Queso Perro flower that convinced Armeen he needed to join the GrowHealthy team! “The quality of the flower and the care taken to produce it intrigued me, and I wanted to learn more about joining the GrowHealthy team,” said Armeen. The benefits and different modalities available in the medical cannabis industry has helped Armeen and others quell symptoms of disease, anxiety, and depression, and he is passionate about learning as much as he can about how the plant is grown and cured.

He loves living in Tampa and enjoys driving out to the Riverwalk and watching planes fly over TPA. In his spare time, he visits with friends and practices playing piano, guitar, and drums. He is even studying cybersecurity!

Michael Church,

Dispensary Associate

Michael has been in the cannabis industry for six years and was featured in High Times Magazine! He has traveled extensively and experienced many different medical cannabis markets, but he joined the GrowHealthy team after seeing the care and attention to detail GrowHealthy brings to their cannabis plants. Michael strives to bring his knowledge and compassionate care to patients.

While living in Tampa, he likes to fish out on the boat, practice photography and glass art, and skateboard in town.

Susan—Susie or Sue—Tryczenski, Dispensary Associate

Susie had thought about joining the cannabis industry for a while but hadn’t found the right dispensary for her. After learning more about GrowHealthy, she became impressed with the commitment to quality, integrity, and compassion. “It shows in [their] products and from what customers have to say personally,” she said.

She has watched cannabis help patients with Parkinson’s—seeing how it can help someone eat soup with a still hand and provide relief to loved ones as pain is finally eased.

Beyond being a cannabis advocate, Susie raises chickens and loves to garden, hike, and play games. Not only is she a chicken mama, but she is also a dog and cockatiel mom! Pictured here is Speckles, her first chicken.

We are so happy that our doors are finally open in Tampa. You will be greeted by these wonderful people who are eager to serve you with knowledge, compassion, respect. GrowHealthy believes that patient care is essential, which is why we bring the best people to our team!

We will see you soon, Tampa!

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