Mother’s Making An Impact

In May, we celebrate moms. At GrowHealthy, we want to highlight organizations founded by mothers who are working hard to destigmatize cannabis and fighting for safe, equitable, medical access. These organizations are made up of moms who utilize grassroots efforts to provide education and advocate for legalization. Parents magazine in 2019 said that moms are pioneering the marijuana industry! Here are three examples of mom-founded organizations we can celebrate this Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism

MAMMA is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 by mothers AmyLou Fawell and Thalia Michelle. Using science-backed information, MAMMA seeks to educate and empower families and caregivers to advocate for the legal use of medical cannabis for autism. They have helped add autism as a qualifying medical condition for cannabis use in 14 states.

One of MAMMA’s main priorities is fighting the law to change cannabis’s status as a Schedule 1 drug. When drugs are labeled as Schedule 1, they are deemed highly addictive and unfit for medical use. By educating communities and changing legislation, MAMMA is helping families and patients in need access medical cannabis legally and safely.

MAMMA’s website offers concrete strategies for advocates to utilize when reaching out to their legislators. For example, MAMMA offers facts, resources, and possible pushback questions that many legislators have. For those who would like to join the fight to help those with autism by legalizing medical cannabis, MAMMA is the organization to turn to.

WISE Florida

Women’s Initiative for a Safe and Equitable Florida

WISE Florida is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization, led by moms and inclusive of all, working towards cannabis policy reform in Florida. WISE Florida aims to educate and advocate through outreach efforts. This organization has been recently praised by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, who described WISE as a group of working moms who are doing important work on behalf of patients.

WISE Florida compares their mission to the 1930s women-led reform organization, Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform. This group of women worked hard to garner public support for alcohol prohibition policy reform by raising awareness of the health and safety risks prohibition caused. WISE Florida follows in their footsteps. WISE recognizes the harm cannabis prohibition causes to families and communities, and they are committed to cannabis legalization that improves safety, advances justice, and fosters opportunity for the people of Florida.

You can support WISE Florida by donating to their organization directly through their website or by signing up to join their network.


CannaMommy is a non-profit organization that is actively working towards creating safe environments for families to access current legal and medical cannabis information without the stigma or the fear of Child Protective Services.

Mother-of-four, Kelley Bruce, founded CannaMommy and has worked hard to build a bridge between patients and providers. CannaMommy provides open dialogue for families who are interested in exploring safe medical cannabis options. They even offer free consultations with board-certified RN’s. In addition to these services, CannaMommy offers online educational classes, webinars, live in-person events, and sponsorships.

If you would like to support this organization, you can make a monetary donation directly through their website or choose their organization when shopping with AmazonSmile.


Moms are powerful. The mothers who founded MAMMA, WISE Florida, and CannaMommy are extraordinary examples of moms who are positively impacting the lives of their families and their communities. GrowHealthy wishes these moms—and all moms—a Happy Mother’s Day.

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