Stardawg Sungrown Flower™

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Hybrid: Balance / 3.5 grams

Stardawg is a powerful hybrid known for its thick coating of crystal trichomes and strong earthy aromas with hints of pine and diesel. Taste is similar to aromas with a pungent start and pine lemon finish. Known for its uplifting effects, Stardawg is a euphoric strain that promotes happiness, relaxation, and focus. Effects may vary.
Mother nature knows best. That’s why Sungrown Flower™ by GrowHealthy is cultivated the old-fashioned way: fed by the Florida sun, rooted in rich earth, and tended by local farmers at our GrowHealthy facility. Sungrown Flower™ is comparable to vintage wine. Each batch harvested is a unique vintage that has different characteristics due to the environment and climate the plants were exposed to during its time flowering in the Shade House. Similar to vintage wine, each batch of Sungrown Flower™ offers patients a unique experience! Patients can expect Sungrown Flower™ to have an earthier and more unique aroma and flavor profile and a different structure and terpene profile than their indoor-grown counterparts.

Genetics: Chemdawg 4 x Tres Star

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