MPX™ Sour Garlic Cookies 12 Live Rosin Cartridge

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Balance: Hybrid / 0.5 grams

MPX™ Live Rosin Cartridges are premium solventless vaping products that deliver elevated effects, impeccable flavors, and an incredibly smooth pull. Packaged in unique all-ceramic hardware, the MPX™ Live Rosin Cartridges deliver phenomenal and consistent flavor throughout the life of the cartridge. 

Sour Garlic Cookies 12 top terpenes include Limonene, beta-Pinene, and trans-Caryophyllene. With Limonene leading the terpene profile, Sour Garlic Cookies 12 has delicate citrus aromas and flavors with hints of spice and garlic on the exhale. This flower strain is perfect for reducing inflammation, giving the body a boost of antioxidants, and helping to relieve stress all day long.

Genetics: Sour Garlic Cookie x Sans Souci

Available in Florida exclusively at GrowHealthy.

*Note: If patients choose to use a low-voltage setting, the oil may not completely atomize and could flood the atomizer.

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