Master Grower Series™ Sour Garlic Cookie

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Indica: Body 3.5 grams

A euphoric Body: Indica, Master Grower Series™ Sour Garlic Cookie – previously released as Balance: Hybrid Sour Garlic Cookies 8 – has cerebral-leaning effects with smooth body relaxation. These fatter buds are representative in color and structure of a great Sour Diesel genetic. Contrasting light and dark greens with a plethora of trichomes, Sour Garlic Cookie has sour, gas, and cookie undertones. Loaded with trans-Caryophyllene and Limonene, this Master Grower Series™ has light garlic and lemon aromas and can help patients with relaxation, inflammation, and stress.

Sour Garlic Cookies 8 was selected as a Master Grower Series because of its superior bud structure, terpene profile, aroma, and effects. Our Head of Cultivation selected this strain because it’s a premium example of the Sour Garlic Cookie genetics.

Genetics: Sour Garlic Cookie x Sans Souci

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