GH1-satpicThe state-of-the-art

GrowHealthy’s 200,000 square foot highly-secure, state-of-the-art hydroponic indoor nursery is located on a 33-acre property centrally located in Lake Wales, Florida. We are working closely with the world’s premier producer of automated palletized benching systems to develop this high-tech facility, which will set a new standard for medical marijuana production.

The majority of the facility will provide for a second level of growing space, nearly doubling its production output. It will produce consistent-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana year-round, with highly-controlled lighting, nutrient systems, temperature and humidity in a “clean room” environment not possible in fragile fields and greenhouses.

Whatever the weather

CoreLogic, the leading property risk analysis resource, ranks Florida as the U.S. state with the highest level of risk exposure to multiple natural hazards. GrowHealthy’s indoor facility provides maximum protection against hurricanes, tornados, hail, freezes, mold, fungus and other microbial pathogens, and insect pests.