GrowHealthy Holdings, LLC and its family of companies are positioned to become one of America’s largest and most trusted chains of medical marijuana, or cannabis, nursery farms. Working hand-in-hand with state & local governments, the GrowHealthy brand features company-grown, tested, safe and effective medical marijuana products.

GrowHealthy envisions becoming an international chain of company-owned and community-oriented medical marijuana nurseries providing patients with safe, reliable and consistent access to high-quality medicine, wellness services and educational resources.

We foresee GrowHealthy serving as a model organization that operates in full compliance with all government, state and local laws, maintains the highest standards of professional operation and truly serves the needs of patients.

GrowHealthy will provide pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis that is stringently tested to assure a very high level of quality for patients. In addition, GrowHealthy will also maintain strict controls over product consistency and potency so that patients can be assured they are receiving the same dosage with each product use.

Comprised of industry experts in fields ranging from business operations and financial reporting to horticulture and secure product tracking, GrowHealthy provides an unparalleled level of expertise with the ability to navigate the medical marijuana field in the best interests of patients, state government and law enforcement.

While initial facilities are located in Florida, eventually GrowHealthy plans to expand to other state and international markets to design and build commercial nurseries. All farming locations will be state-of-the-art, highly secure, fully-equipped, large-scale medical marijuana cultivation facilities.