International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women across the globe. A day marked to accelerate women’s equality, GrowHealthy wants to join in the effort to #breakthebias and elevate voices and accomplishments of women in cannabis. GrowHealthy is proud to hire and promote women across all sectors of our company. This year, we would like to spotlight a few of our managers. We asked these team members to tell us about what inspires them and to share a piece of advice to other women in the industry.

Please join us in celebrating all their accomplishments!

Allyson Higgins, Contact Center Patient Care Manager

I have been working at GrowHealthy since July 2018. Almost 4 years now! 

My son definitely inspires me the most. He is patient, loving, motivated, hardworking, dedicated, and the humblest human that I know. He has never given up on his goals and dreams for his future and inspires me to keep pushing for mine. 

My mother, who was also my very best friend, passed away in 2016 from cancer. Towards the end of her life, she was in a lot of pain and never had a day where she felt good. Cannabis would have helped her so much. When the opportunity presented itself for me to be able to help others that are dealing with the same ailments, I knew it was what I was supposed to do. 

The best advice I think I can offer to other women is to gain independence. Not to prove yourself to anyone, but to be proud of YOU. It’s great to have your family, friends, or partner there for support, but there is nothing like the feeling of doing it yourself. Also, ALWAYS reach out for support when needed. That is so important, and never feel ashamed for doing so. 

Cat Lepre-Christenbury, South Florida Market Manager

I am inspired mostly by the people around me. I am so fortunate to work with some amazing female leaders that are paving the way for all women in the cannabis industry. I am truly inspired by their stories, struggles, and drive but mostly their commitment to their passion. 

From a very early age I learned that cannabis is not harmful. It comes from mother nature and can be used to heal and nurture the human spirit. I have personally seen it help multiple family members and friends, whether it be to help fight Crohn’s disease or to stabilize and elevate one’s mood, I believe in cannabis and all the medicinal value it holds. Living my dream by having the opportunity to elevate and change people’s lives with cannabis is a gift that I will never take for granted. 

The advice that I give is usually the advice I need to hear most. I would suggest laughing a lot more and don’t forget to appreciate the small things, love hard and be present with the journey you are on, fight for what is right and for what you believe in and never back down. 

Jocelyn Aviles, Deerfield Beach Dispensary Manager

The idea/possibility of creating a better space for others, in whatever I do, inspires me.  

I studied Behavioral Psychology/Health Sciences at the University of Florida and wanted to work in an outpatient, clinical setting. I was providing one-on-one care for patients with dementia/chronic pain in both the clinical and at-home setting when the first dispensary opened in my area. Since I was passionate about holistic health, herbal medicine, and patient-centered care I knew joining the cannabis industry would be a perfect opportunity to do something meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable. Working in the cannabis industry has given me opportunities to develop my leadership skills, mentor others, and travel to open new locations. I’m so happy I took the leap!

My advice to other women: Be who you want to be… b*a*r*b*i*e

Sarah Kuchinick, Bonita Springs Dispensary Manager

My mother inspires me. She’s the reason I chose this photo for International Women’s Day, and the reason I am who I am. She’s overcome so much and never lost her zest for life or sense of humor. She also does all her own home repairs and makes a mean apple pie!

I joined the cannabis industry because I felt I had finally found a place where I could be myself and fully utilize my skills to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

My advice to other women: Don’t compromise parts of yourself based on what you think the world expects. You can be both soft and strong, both intelligent and goofy, both career-focused and family-oriented. 

Rebekah Price, Tampa Dispensary Manager

What inspires me is helping others develop as leaders and seeing their growth. I joined GrowHealthy because I wanted to be a part of a company that was doing something that I truly believed in and support. It’s also amazing to be in an industry that has so much growth to offer.

My advice to other women is that your development is always in your own hands! If want growth ask how you can get there, seek feedback, and put action to it. Even when you don’t agree with the feedback you receive, ask yourself what you could do differently/better in every situation. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and you will grow!  

Women in cannabis have a lot to offer! Though we could not spotlight everyone in this blog post today, we hope all our team members know just how proud and thankful we are for their ideas, innovations, leadership, and strength.

“Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.”

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