Talking Terpenes

Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic oils present in cannabis and many other botanicals. These powerhouse compounds are responsible for many of the familiar scents we recognize in our favorite strains. For example, Stardawg is known for pungent pine and lemon aromas. The lemon scent comes from high levels of the terpene Limonene, while the more earthy smells result from trans-Caryophyllene and beta-Myrcene.

Fun Facts

  • Ever been told to eat a mango if you want to enhance your cannabis experience? The logic here is that mangoes contain a high level of beta-Myrcene. Try it out next time you have a mango handy.
  • Pinene is the most commonly encountered terpene in nature. 


Beyond smelling amazing, terpenes have also been linked to significant symptom relief. Limonene can relieve stress and increase focus, while trans-Caryophyllene can ease pain and inflammation, reduce fever, and improve circulation. Beta-Myrcene calms the nervous system and relaxes the body. When you know a strain’s terpene profile you can anticipate the medicinal effects, so we include detailed terpene charts for all products listed on These charts outline both the aromas and benefits associated with each product.

Fruit-derived versus cannabis-derived

As mentioned earlier, terpenes aren’t isolated to cannabis. Terpenes are naturally occurring in many plants and fruits. It is generally accepted that the terpenes present in cannabis, called cannabis-derived, have more medicinal benefits than those present in flowers or fruits, called fruit-derived or plant-derived. GrowHealthy uses 100% cannabis-derived terpenes in all GrowHealthy vape cartridges and distillate syringes. The only exception is the Frūtful brand. Frūtful products are made using fruit-derived terpenes to provide the intense fruit flavor.

3 thoughts on “Talking Terpenes

  1. Joshua White says:

    I had came in yesterday to get some cartridges. Robbi was the one that helped me. Very knowledgeable and eager to help. Thank you again to Robbi.

  2. Smokin says:

    Terpenes are GH mission cause the meds taste better. They really help symptom relief better than others. It makes having a card worth it when you get relief.

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